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American Realty Investment Group offers direct access to our Real Estate Projects. As a limited partner, you enjoy tax benefits while benefiting from our in-house expertise. We has many real estate projects accessible to individual investors, allowing investors to achieve an average net IRR of nearly 20%.


American Realty investment Group have historically and aim to outperformed bonds, public REITs, and even the S&P 500.


Real estate owners and limited-partnership investors can often capture unique tax advantages, particularly when investing in programs such as Opportunity Zones.


Because housing is a basic human need, real estate investment has historically been more resilient than other investments during times of economic uncertainty, especially when comparing private real estate developments to the volatility of public assets like stocks and REITs.

Sometimes referred to as the cash yield, “cash-on-cash” calculates the income earned on the dollars invested in a property.
Internal rate of return (IRR) is the annualized return metric that calculates both cash flow and equity returned over the course of the entire holding period.
Real estate syndication is a partnership of investors who collectively buy larger assets that may be unmanageable or expensive for individual investors. Usually, 25–30% of funds originate from both the syndicator and passive investors, while 70–75% comes from a lender or bank.
An accredited investor is someone who meets income and net worth criteria set by SEC regulations. Accredited investors are allowed to participate in investments not registered with the SEC.
To qualify:
  • You need an annual income of $200,000, or $300,000 combined income for two years, with an expectation of maintaining or increasing it this year.
  • Your net worth must exceed $1 million, excluding your primary residence.
Self-directed IRA: Clients may have a large portion of their net worth locked up in retirement plans. You can work with a custodian to roll a portion of your retirement account into a self-directed IRA, allowing them to invest in real estate to diversify your retirement accounts. We have recommendations on groups to work with if you’re looking for a self-directed IRA custodian.
Traditional cash investment: Investing after-tax money allows you to take full advantage of the depreciation benefits of owning real estate – without the hassle of to becoming a landlord yourself.
1031: We can accept 1031 exchanges into our projects if you want to take real estate where you are an active owner and exchange into passive ownership through our opportunities. Our minimum equity investment for 1031s is $1 million.
Capital gains/opportunity zones: For clients who have generated a capital gain through the sale of stock, a business, or real estate, we offer projects in qualified opportunity zones. This allows investors to defer their tax payment and pay no taxes on the sale of our project.
Our hold period varies. Typically, we target a hold period of 1–5 years, although some deals may target as long as 10 years. The hold period is defined as the time between when the underlying property is acquired and when that property is sold and its proceeds are distributed to investors.
American Realty Investment Group initiates regular communication with our investors and strives for transparency in all of our partnerships. Investors receive monthly construction updates via email, quarterly asset management updates once a property is open and operating, and bi-annual investment portfolio review meetings — either in-person or virtual — with our investor relations team. Additionally, investors have access to a secure portal to view investment returns, subscription agreements, taxes, and distributions.
For any project that is distributing, we send out quarterly distributions via ACH along with our quarterly letter from our asset management department.
We do! Our investment advisors work with you to build a custom portfolio designed to fit your goals and needs. Contact us to set up a no-obligation introduction call to get started.